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Dear friends,
The International Music Festival "Faces of Friends'09" will take place in the period of June 26 through June 28 in the city of Cahul, Republic of Moldova. The festival is a major cultural event in Moldova and the region. The festival will comprise a contest for young pop performers, performances by pop and rock stars, and a jazz concert.
If you are interested in visting this Festival as a contest or concert participant, guest, or just spectator, please call or write us. We will be happy to assist you with all needed information.
Yours sincerely.

Read more about this year's edition of the "Faces of Friends" Music Festival on the Festival's own page.

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Cahul "Zdob si Zdub" - The Best! 22.09.2002 FolkArt, Turkey, "Nufarul Alb-2001" Zornitsa, Bulgaria, "Nufarul Alb-2003" Nelli Ciobanu 22.09.2002 Cahul

Tamara Madebadze, Olya Tsyra & Irina Kostina05.07.2004
The V International Youth Festival of arts “FACES OF FRIENDS 2004” is now complete!
The Festival “Faces of friends 2004” took place in Cahul from July, 2 till 5. Inside the festival there was made a competition of young performers of the popular music, in which participated the artists from Moldova, Romania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Also there performed some famous stars like Tatiana Boyeva, Nelly Chiobanu, Sergey Izbash, Torstein Sodal, pop groups “In Quadro”, “Dublu Sens” and many other artists. During the night from July, 3 to 4 took place a Jazz concert in which participated the best collectives of Moldova “Trigon”, “25-th Frame” with participation of Igor Amelin and Tatiana Boyeva.The prize- winners of the Competition of the Young Performers of the popular songs “Faces of Friends 2004” became: Irina Kostina, Beltsy, Moldova - 1 place, Olia Tira, Cahul, Moldova -2 place, Tamara Madebadze, Tiraspol, Moldoava-3 place. Special diplomas where given to: Eugenii Ganenko, Kiev, Ukraine, Artyom Demishev, Chisinau, Moldova, Jadra Tulegenova, Uchkuduk, Uzbekistan
Read more about this year's edition of the "Faces of Friends" Music Festival on the Festival's own page.

Olya Tsyra10.06.2004
Olga Tsyra becomes a Laureate of the International Arts Festival for Youth “Sergeyevskie Zori”!
The Festival took place in the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and the Sergeyevka resort in Ukraine. Olga became laureate of the first prize in the Solo Vocal nomination. Her participation in the festival was possible with the support of the “Festival” CA and sponsorship by “Banca de Economii” – a major bank in Moldova, as well as “Modernus” Ltd and II “Olimpiada-Rotaru”

Adriana Chiriac24-26.12.2003 & 07.01.2004
Christmas Concerts “ProVestea de Craciun” in Chisinau and Cahul.
UNION FENOSA Group, PRO TV and CU “FESTIVAL” organized in the winter holydays a number of charity concerts. The concerts where maid on December, 24 and 26 in Chisinau and on January,7 in Cahul. Many people came to see those concerts. There also been some pupils from the orphan’s houses of Moldova, children who where left by their parents. They also were invited to the concert. The best artists of Moldova made a performance for them. During each concert the Vice-president of UNION FENOSA Fond –Adriana Chiriak handed the precious presents.

Zdob si Zdub06.12.2003
Gala-Concert and handing of the awards ” Hit of the Year-2003”
Honored prizes “Hit of the Year-2003” had been handed to the best artist of Moldova for the first time. The initiator of the creation of this award and sponsor of this action was the company “MOLDCELL”, operator of the mobile connection in GSM standard. The first prize-winners where: Adrian Ursu, Indiana, Natalia Barbu, Nelly Ciobanu, Victoria O”Teea, in Quadro, The Snails, Fresh, Millenium, Gindul Mitei, O-Zone, Zdob-si-Zdub. The ceremony of the handing of awards and holyday concert took place on the Central Square of Chisinau. The concert was organized by the PRO TV television, radio station PRO FM, Creative agency “ECHINOX” and CA ”FESTIVAL”.

Olga Tira03.12.2003
Charity Concert dedicated to the Day of Disabled persons.
Charity Concert dedicated to the Day of Disabled persons was held on the December,3 in the National Theater of Opera and Ballet in Chisinau. President of the group of UNION FENOSE in Moldova, mister Ignacio Ibarra, congratulated everybody with this holyday. All the spectator received the memorable presents. Many young artist who receive grants from UNION FENOSA and representatives of the society of disable people have participated in this concert. The concert was more then 3 hours long. The hall which was overcrowded was happy to see all the performances of the artists. This concert was organized by the Group Of UNION FENOSA in Moldova together with CU”Festival”

Agreement about cooperation between CU ”Festival” and Union Fenosa Group of Moldova.
The agreement about cooperation in the sphere of Culture has been signed. It is deliberated for two years with the following extension. This agreement includes the conduction of the festivals, concerts, charity actions, corporation holydays.

AK4 & Serghei Orlov06-08.11.2003
The concerts of Adam Klipple Quartet in Chishinau and Beltz.
Adam Klipple (DeFunkt, John Medeski, David Gilmor, Smokey Robinson bands), Frank Colon (Manhattan Tranfer, Herbie Hancok, Harry Belafonte, Gato Barbieri bands & more), David Ambrosio (Ravi Coltrane, Kenny Werner, John Hicks bands) & Aaron Johnston (Pete Escovedo, Omar Sosa bands) participated in Moldova in the concert of Jazz Ambasadors. This program is conducted by the Kennedy Center and it is financed by the State Department of the USA. A few jazz bands are selected during this program, which give concerts in different countries of the world. The concerts in Moldova where held by CU”Festival” owing to the money grand of USA embassy in Moldova.

Serghei Orlov and Adriana Chiriac become members of the International Dance Council (Conseil International de la Dance - CID) by UNESCO.
Serghei Orlov, Executive Director of the “Festival” Creative Association, and Adriana Chiriac, Vice-President of the UNION FENOSA Foundation, were invited to represent Moldova in the International Dance Council (CID). CID was established in 1937 by UNESCO and organized the 17th International Congress for Development of Dance in Greece. This has become possible after the Council members learned of the success of the Eighth Edition of the “Nufarul Alb” International Folklore Festival. The Congress gathered over four hundred dancers, choreographers, dance festival directors, administrators and teachers from 41 countries of the world. A film about Moldova was screened, presenting its culture and the role of dance in the culture of the country. A special emphasis was made to the “Nufaul Alb” Festival and the Union Fenosa Foundation.

UNCG Jazz Trio17.09.2003
The Jazz Faculty Trio of the University of North Carolina in Greensboro — Steve Haines, John Salmon and Thomas Taylor — performed in Moldova as invited by the US Embassy in Moldova. The Concert in Cahul was conducted by the “Festival” CA with a grant from the US Embassy.

CahulFest - The Best!23.07.2003
Our website is the best!
The CahulFest website was awarded the first place in the IATP website contest. IATP is the Internet Access and Training Program, funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State and administered IREX, the International Research and Exchanges Board. The CahulFest website was denominated as best in year 2003 among the websites hosted on the IATP server.

Nufarul Alb page02-06.07.2003
The Eighth Edition of the “Nufarul Alb” International Folklore Festival!
In a grandiose concert on a stage mounted in the middle of the scenic “Lacul Sarat” Lake, in the park zone of the city of Cahul, the The Eighth Edition of the “Nufarul Alb” International Folklore Festival closed. The festival’s participants included the following groups: “Moldovita” from Moldova, “Desnyanskie Zabavy” from Russia, “FolkArt” from Turkey, “Doina Visei” from Romania, “Zornitsa” from Bulgaria, “Yasna Zora” from Ukraine, “Izvoras” from Moldova and “Sylogos Neon Neas Triglias Halkidikis” from Greece. The ingredients for this year’s edition of the festival were: 8 groups from 7 countries counting 300 participants, professional sound, lights, stage and a great number of spectators. Prime Minister of Moldova Vasile Tarlev attended the opening ceremony. The “Union Fenosa” Group, a Spanish company owning the power distribution networks in the Centre and South of Moldova, largest foreign investor in the economy of Moldova, became the general sponsor of the Festival. The “Moldcell” Mobile Operator, the Soros Foundation in Moldova and TV Moldova 1 co-sponsored as official sponsors. The festival received support from the Ministry of Culture that supported all visa issues for the international participants. The community got involved with support too — more than one hundred businesses assisted with the organization of the Festival, turning it into a true festivity of the Arts!

Click to view full image07.03.2003
The ‘Festival’ Creative Association is born.
The association aims at the further development of the festival movement in Moldova, conducting quality festivals in the city of Cahul, as well as discovering and supporting young musical talents.

Click to view full image23.09.2002
The Fourth Edition of the ‘Faces of Friends’ Musical Festival has taken place.
The Festival featured performances by musicians from Balti, Chisinau, Cahul and Reni (Ukraine). The best featured guests of the Festival included Nelly Ciobanu, the “Graieste Moldoveneste” band and the superb “Zdob si Zdub”. The show took place on the main plaza of Cahul — the Independence Plaza. For more than five hours, the public enjoyed live music of various styles and trends. With excellent live sound, lighting effects and festive fireworks, the event will be something to remember for the thousands of citizens and guests of the city.

Click to view full image2.07.2002
Cahul city marked its 500th anniversary.
The first mention about the settlement that now bears the name Cahul dates back in the year 1502. On July 2, a large number of guests and locals gathered in the Independence Square to mark this remarkable event.
The Moldovan President, leadership of the city and the county, honorary citizens and sponsors were among the guests of honor.
President Vladimir Voronin, city mayor Stepan Bratu and others spoke before the public. A monument built especially for this event was unveiled afterwards. There was a big concert later on. The concert featured both amateurs and professionals. Spectators enjoyed the performance of Ion Suruceanu, Ion Capraru, Nelly Ciobanu, the Dublu Sens, Silvia Grigore, Mircea Gutu and other artists.
The party ended with fireworks.