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Nufarul Alb
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Nufarul_Alb_logo Dmitrii RetingerDear friends! This page contains information about the International Folklore Festival “Nufărul alb” (While Water Lily). The Festival is held in odd years in a small Moldovan town, Cahul. At prezent, this location is transforming into a place of meetings of folklore singers and dancers, handicraft makers from many countries of the world. Folklore is an endless spring that fuels the culture of all peoples. We want much that the culture of your people be reprezented at the Festival “Nufărul alb”. Write us, call us, we’ll be very glad to meet you on the hospitable land of Moldova.

Dmitrii Retingher, Chairman of the Festival “Nufărul alb”.

News brief
The 10th Festival
The 10th Jubilee international Festival “Nufarul Alb” will take place in Cahul, Republic of Moldova from the 2nd till 9th of July 2007. The aim of the Festival is to make popular folklore art, to show achievements of collectives and performers (singers) who represent national art of their countries.
The Festival’s Program:
- Parade of National Collectives
- Concert of National Collectives and singers
- Friendship’s evening
- Press-conferences
- Exhibitions and Fairs of national operators and their trade.
- Rest programs.
The Festival’s conditions Download

About the Festival
Yesterday, today, tomorrow...
"Извораш", Кагул - постоянный участник Фестиваля. Какой музыкант не любит быстрой езды! Любимец зрителей - барабанщик из Албании, 1993 год

The Moldovan town of Cahul is located near the Proute river. It has always been famous for the beauty of the nature surrounding it. The Bugeac steppe, hills covered with forests, and, of course, the Proute river with the green cover with white water lilies. When the Mayoralty decided in 1989 to organize a folklore festival in Cahul, this event was named “Nufărul alb”.

The first Festival “Nufărul alb” was held on July 3-4, 1989. It attracted 37 troupes from across Moldova, which danced popular dances, sang popular songs and showed popular handicraft. Participants included troupes from Chişinău, Comrat, Ungheni, other cities and villages of Moldova.

The band "Cimpoieş" from Manta village skillfully interpreted popular Moldovan songs and dances. The Acriş family from Pelinei brought fine musical instruments – nais, flouts, violins – which they made alone. Artists from Tvardiţa village showed a spectacle based on popular Bulgarian traditions. The band “Lale” from Comrat familiarized the public with Gagauzian songs and dances.

The two days of the Festival had passed fast. The whole town had lived in an atmosphere of friendship, kindness and love toward the national culture, people who have unforgettable days to the Cahul residents. It was decided that the Folklore Festival “Nufărul alb” be held once in two years.

In July 1991, the 2nd Festival was held. Musicians, dancers and handicraft makers from across Moldova gathered there. The event was broadcast on National Television and covered in articles all over Moldova. The Festival made itself known to the public abroad, too.

In 1993, the Festival “Nufărul alb” joined the International Federation of Folklore Festivals (C. I. O. F. F.) and entered its official calendar. Since then, artists from around the world gather to meet at the Festival.

The 3rd edition of the Folklore Festival “Nufărul alb”, which was held in 1993, was attended by delegates from Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Romania. The largest number of participants came from different regions of Moldova. ComposerŞtefan Hagiu and poet Gheorghe Poştaru wrote the song “Nufărul alb”. It became the official anthem of the Festival.

Prior to the official opening of the Festival, the town’s streets were marched by a Parade of Participants. The main streets and the Independence Square were flooded by an enormous number of spectators. The performance of the band from Albania would be never forgotten. The Fanphare from Vaslui, Romania, was excellent. And the rest of artists were not less brilliant.

During the period of the Festival, there took place the unveiling of a bust of B.P. Haşdeu – a great playwright and public personality. He long lived and worked in Cahul. Participants in the Festival laid down flowers at the bust of this famous representative of the Moldovan and Romanian cultures.

The closure of the Festival was traditionally held on a stage in the middle of the Lacul Sărat (Salt Lake). The stage in the middle of the lake has become the trademark of the Festival “Nufărul alb”. The closing ceremony featured a permanent participant in all festivals – the band of popular dances and songs “Izvoraş”. This troupe works in the Cahul club of cultural events. All concerts of this band enjoy a special success to the public, thanks to the polished art of all artists.

Thus, once in two years, the town of Cahul becomes a centre of attraction of folklore amateurs. These years, the Festival’s stages hosted artists from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania. Each time, the Festival becomes more diverse and more beautiful.

The 7th edition of the Festival took place in 2001. As usually, it was visited by a large number of participants and guests. For the first time, a delegation from Greece arrived. The members of this delegation acustomed the public with the Hellenic culture. One and the same stage was the place of presentation of artists from different countrie, but all of them are united by love for the popular creation. The Festival closed with fireworks.

The year 2003 is coming up. What will the 8th edition of the International Festival “Nufărul alb” bring us this time?